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VACATION! [12 Jul 2005|03:19pm]
[ mood | i miss vacation! ]

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was soooooooo Much fun!!!
I miss it soo much already...I always have the time of my life there...u never get bored...always hanging out w/ diffrent people everyday! I didn't want to leave b/c michigan is the place for Bordom!!!

Friday- Left at 9:15 in the morning we wree on teh plane w/ the teachers and lots of it wasnt taht bad but it toook us sooo logn to get through security and just to check in so we got tehre liek 10 minutes b4 they loaded the plane that is seriously the latest my family has ever gotten to a airport in our lives!! Got there at 11 so we went to grab lunch then went to swim w/ Christina all day! was fun! Then went to Chillis for dinner w/ Carisa, Christina, Sister, Mike and Charlie and parents..Fun! found otu some intresting stuff haha!

Saturday- everyone was there so swam allll Day!! saw 2 hottest guys ever Sixpack and Mohawk(MAtt)..Went to Eat at HOOTERS that night haha! w/ Bianca, Sis, Paige, Matt, Sheldon, Mike, Charlie and Will...It was the funniest night of my life..Teachign will everything..and him dancign w/ the hotters girls wow!! haha it was great hah!

Sunday- danced my duo(w/ mike!) and trio cute!...Hugn out w/ peopel by pool..Had this lil girl ask Mowhawk his name he lied at said it was Kyle haha!

Monday- 4th of July!...Meg(my sisters fried) came down at Noon.... danced...went to eat at Fuddruckers..w/ meg, FRANNIE(how could i forget haha), Jacqueline, sis, and Christina...Went back to hotel hung out w/ liek 15 girls haha..saw Matt(mowhawk) 1st time we actually met him he is oooo nice talked to him all ngiht on beach...then me and jacqueline hung out with steven, dan and nick(sexy guys)lol....and then this 18 year old came up to me and asked me how old i was creepy...he thought he was gonan get laid apparrently!

Tuesday- Meg and me hung out..for a while then watch more sisters dances...Then we drove her back to her housae which was 45 minutes away!..Then went back to hotel no one was there, they were all at rehersals so i went to starbucks went online...Then went to the Pep Rally which was quite borign but then went back swimmign at 9:50 w/ Bianca and Paige and Hailee

Wenesday- danced my solo and other BIG numbers...i was there all day and all night! then i had a rehersal forever adn i didn't get back till 11 or sucked!
Thursday- Matt was supposed to come to teh show im sooo pissed he i danced that was sorta boring
Friday- Had to go to convention center early!!..danced and Watched dances...Came back..2 and a half hour rehersal...i forget what else happened that day

Saturday- Finals!!! and Semi-Finals,...power went out on 4th semi-finals and it didnt coem back on for 3 horus so we were all just like sitting there how bad!!! Like a squirrel bit a electrical wire and died but thats how power went out!...WE all did amzing my Dacne and older kids made it to Finals...Big kids won! Juniors(my group)got Freakign runner up for 5 years in row now! WE shulda won we were amazzzzzzzzing(at least i thought so)!!It was a dramatiic/sad night I don;t think i have ever sobbed so hard! First off i am never goign to see all the seniors again, and all those that are quiting DSD! and steven, dan, and sexy MATT! ANd the worst thing of all was when i found out about miss erin!I am gonan miss her so much...i lvoe yah erin!

Sunday- Chilled all day w/ Bianca, Callie, Sis, Carisa, Hailee, and Tara..went to Broadway onthe beahc (HUGE outdorr shoping place) that night and hung out w/ all them and sheldon...but hailee carisa and tara went to aquariaum...Then we all played put-put it was FUN and we ran into dan adn steven(dan is so funny!!)!

Monday(today)- Flew home sat w/ Hailee and sis..just talked! Now im hoem and dont wanna be hoem Michigan sucks!!

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[30 Jun 2005|08:33pm]
[ mood | SHOWSTOPPER! ]

Im leaving for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the morning :) im sooo excted we get there around 11:30 so i get the whole day to just hang out w/ people go swimming in the 6 pools and hit up the beach!!!

Ill miss all my girles sooooo much!!!


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[29 May 2005|07:45pm]
[ mood | blah ]

ogm i haven't updates in like forever!!
well life has been prewtty good...
1.)I found out that oen of my best friends alexadnra is coming to my dance studio!
2.)I went to lauren's house with alexa too and we had so much fun We went to the mall and i got his cute top adn i was pretty happy about that.Then we ate at California Pizza Kitchen with lauren's parents. I love her parents, especially robert cause i love his voice..hahah!! Then we went to her house and wathced movies which was fun. Then we got our nails done in the morning..that was pretty fun...lauren's nail person was os funny he kept liek sneezign all over her and liek coughing!!My lady was really nice and did a great we were waiting for lauren to get doen and so me and alexa were sittign down and I stood up and ran in to the tree it was so funny!! then i went home
3.) Allie, MAry and I wen to the fair and we saw alexandra and emily there so we hung out wiht them. Me and Emily went on this oen ride called the screamer and we were liek fallign out of our seats and we were screaming to death!! Then we went on this one ride were u stand up adn spin...adn this one guys face was so funny we were liekall crackign up!!...Then we went on freak out adn we saw Valente there so we said hi adn all...then in line the guy in front of us was realy scary..his elbow liek was huge adn really gross!!THen i went on the zipper with Alexandra and it was so scary a rock fkew up adn hit me in the head..i though i had a concusion!!!
4.) I wen back ot emily's and we were tellign scary stories to eachother adn i was screamign cause i thought somethng was gonan happen to us!!Then we hung out watched a movie ate pizza and sundaes went to bed and then i came home
5.)Today I worked on my project all day and I finished thank god!!!
that's all for now...coment!!

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[09 May 2005|03:50pm]
[ mood | head kills!! ]

today i woke up feelign liek shit,my neck hurt my head hurt and i didn't wanan go to school, but of course my mom made me go..ugh

Health- we learned about puberty, and me and alexandra couldn't stop laughing, and we basically just talked the whole time...

Math- WE basically sat there and did problems in our books and they were so borign let me tell u!!!i just sat there puttign in lip gloss adn chewing gum!!

Social Studies- We got our tests back and i gt an A+!!!IT was the first time i haev ever gotten a good grade!!then we watched a movieabout china and it was so boring...and then i got yelled at for having gum!!

Lunch-went ouside and ate!haha

Science-reviewed our boring!!

Typing- me and lauren talked the whole time!!

Gym- went otuside and played frizzbee

Lang Arts- Went to the computer lab and drew ptu his hand on my head i freaked out!!!

Went hoem cryogn cause my head hurt so bad!!

<3 AShley

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[08 May 2005|04:03pm]
[ mood | sad ]

So friday night was emily's batmitzvah adn it was sooooo fun...and she did amazing...then i slpet over her house and teddy,emily, and we running and dancing in the rain all night and it as so cold but we were anyway...i was so hyper that night...then we ate all the left over food from the party and opened gifts which was really hen we went to ned around i think liek 5 or later and woke up at liek 9 and ate bacon and bagels..then i had to leave becuase i had dress rehersals...ugh...and my parents were goin crazzy on me...and then i found out the worst news ever!!!about my bestest friend....Paige Moyer!!!!omfg do u understand how hard i am crying right now???i can't believe this is happenign to one of my best friends!!!i love her soooo much and i will never forget all the great times we've had in buisness of love and texas beauties and evry other dance u r in with me!!How are me and pammie gonan live without u in buisness of love???ANd what about me in Texas Beauties????Every1 is gonan liek kill me and i am gonna die without ur supoport and ur smile tellign me that they r all crazy. I could alwasy count on u to bve there for me and never get mad at me...and i alwasy woudl try to make u laugh...i hope u will never forget my jokes and all the fun times we've had!!i love u more then anything...and i knew i could alwasy ,ake u laugh...who else uis gonna be there for me now to laugh at me and how dumb i can be??Ur smile, ur friendliness, and everything more will never be forgoten that is for sure.I can't believe r friendship is coming to an end...adn we will never see eachother again!!I love you goodbye bets friend won't be the same witout u!!dress rehersal was ok after i found out the news but i couldn't stop thinkign about it...and even my jokes couldn't cheer me up...but what did was micheal place and his weirdness!!haha meadn christina we dieing!!

Then today i woke up at 8 and went o breakfast with the whole family...and i got so much to eat i litterally died...then we went to by flowers and met ery1/our family at the cemetary to see my the cemetary i chased my 2 year old coousins all around...and i was tired by 5 min...then we decided to go to Costco to get food....and me and my sis ended up gettign a smoothie and pretzel..which were both amazingly good...cause we r fatt asses!!...then i came home and cleanded the cas adn washed the garge and cleaned i out...then my mom took me to Farmer jack's to help her return bottles and shit...but she payed em money for hlpign her so it all worked out...and there was this really hot guy there so it was fine hahah....we both kept staign at each other...i wish all the guys at our school coudl be that hot...not that some of them aren't...but still...then we wanted to get ice cream but we ended up not..ugh...then my mom thought we needed corn so we went to kroger and got soem corn...and my hands hurt form opening them...and my mom kept telling me that they were to small and etc...then we finally got ice cream cause i begged(hahah)...then we went to get in the car but a bee started chasinfg me and my mo and we were screaming to death....then we wen thome and unpacked the grocieries and i cleanded off the table outside for dinner tonoght cause we r gonna eat outside with my i am writing this and listening to my chemical romance!!!
<3 AShley
comment bitches!!

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[01 May 2005|12:24pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So today i woke up at lets say 10ish and then i wen t down stairs to start my homework and it is takign me forver...i have a gay sketchy due tomorrow about goign around he world in 80 days,,, i am starvign cause i didn't have breakfeast or lunch so mayeb i should go eat...leater tongiht i have a dance recital thingy at Lake Orion Highschool!!!come adn watch me if u desire...i won't be home till late so i'll probably c ya tomorrow!!!
<3 Ashley
Please comment!!

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my day [30 Apr 2005|10:49am]
[ mood | chipper ]

to start of my day i had dance at 6AM!!!and then went home from dance at 9am and went back at 1230!!
Then i had so much fun with emily,Alexandra, ALlie, Armond and Dean at the mall...The whole zebra thing was a mess(thanxs to dumy!!I got a cute white sweater and etc...WE met Mrs.Karabutis(deans mom) and she was realy nice...Then we went to alexandra's and hung out and anthony,jeff,Max, and Brendan were gonan come over but they ended up not being able to, but we talked to them on the phone all night anyways,hah...then we took pics and they were so funny, nicky will probably never think of us the same!!(hahah)....WE talked on lie for a while too....then i went home and went online...adn the to bed
(please comment)

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[26 Apr 2005|04:30pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Sry i haven't updated in a while!!


1st hour-PIG-(peer interaction group!!) it was so boring and also awkward at the same time...because we talk about liek friendship and shit and it was so rude cause peopel were talkign shit about me and my friends the whole time!!!...I WAS LIEK RUDE!!anyway to make it even more weird Mr.Palarmo teaches and it was so awkward and annyoing!!

2nd hour-Science-It was so gross cause we disected a PIG today!!i was liek cryign and i swear i thought i was gonna throw up because it was so nasty and it smelled horrible...and Mrs.Reihnol kept laughing and me and yelling at me and was liek it is fien you baby...i was liek ugh....RUDE!!!and luckily MRs.Mathena was nice and was liek SAshley its fine if you have to leave the room u can...But i didn't...i just turned my head awasy form the fatty pig!!...ewwww...adn the wors part is we had the class for 2 hours!!!

Lunch-We were pancign eachother..but Mrs. Reinhol flipped out!!hahah...adn emily punched me in the boobs so hard that i am gona get breast cancer!! 5th hour-Language Arts- we went to the media center and typed ou poems!!...i finished early and sat there

6th hour-Spanish-ugh is all i have to say...but Mrs.Min walked in and she was sobbing but i didn't fel one bit sorry for that bitch!!!she has been so mean to me lately that i was glads she was upset cause she made me upset....Then we sang all!!!

7th-Drama 2-it was and cameron typed our is so good...we r gonna do so good cameron!! Then i found out that alexandra.........(i love ya hunny!!!)

ttyl <3 Ashley

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